Accent Reduction Classes

Ineffective communication due to a strong accent can create barriers in conducting business in the US and around the world, especially for foreign professionals. Our program is a systematic method for improving pronunciation, intonation and rhythm of Spanish language.

With the help of our highly trained specialists, you will become familiar with the basic sounds melody, placement and stress patterns. This will increase your self-confidence when speaking the language.

This will let you get your point across in a way that others understand.

“Thank you so much for the wonderful work you and your staff are doing with me. I have wrestled to become fluent in Spanish for years. Corporate Languages works with me at my current level and helps me to make steady and quick progress. My instructor picks up on my specific pronunciation challenges and tailors my practice to meet my needs. I especially appreciate the ability to bring what I am working on in real life to my private lessons. I’m so glad that your company exists to bring these benefits to a wide variety of people.” 

Debra Exner, PCC, CPCC