Business Writing Course  

Corporate Languages understands the relationship between your oral and written discourse and your image. Our classes offer a systematic method for improving your writing skills for both personal and professional purposes.

This course focuses on practical business writing using different formats including e-mails, memos, letters and short reports. Improving writing skills such as organization, clarity, sequence and style are part of our main objectives.

Our program also helps our learners sharpen and polish specific skills such as grammar, spelling and punctuation.


"Being a person who enjoys challenge, I decided to take English classes at Corporate Languages in my free time to be more competitive in the professional field. The classes were very dynamic and fun, great hints and tips were given that covered organizing, preparing, and accomplishing the writing as well as how to survive the process of learning another language without being intimidated. After taking this course I developed more skills and confidence and went on to Boston, Ma. where I got accepted into Harvard University. It is very rewarding to overcome the obstacles of learning English, especially when you have a great teacher that helps you to accomplish your goals. Currently, I work for an American Company in Phoenix, Arizona, as the Manager of Marketing Development. It is very clear to me that what I have accomplished would not have been possible the way I first envisioned it, if I would not have taken this program. Life is short, so is grandma! (I also learned the culture!)"  Dinora A. González