Business English

This is the most comprehensive and integrated program offered in our community. It was created with the demands of the busy professional needing to immediately function in an English speaking environment.This program will help all business and finance people who want to establish connections and business relations with the American market. This program will teach the technical and practical business vocabulary.

The course will provide conversational skills to help students deal with relevant business matters and break through one of the most demanding and powerful market in the world.

Students develop and enhance skills in the areas of:
  • Making business calls
  • Making reservations in a hotel, restaurant, airplane
  • Giving a presentation about your service or product
  • Learning business, banking, and finance terminology
  • Carrying conversations during a business lunch.
“I was finally able to take an English course that would focus on my particular needs and areas of opportunity. I feel like I have gotten both the specific language skills that I needed for my work, and a greater level of confidence when using the language.would highly recommend Corporate Languages for anybody who wants to have faster results and have fun in the process at the same time.”  Rodolfo Madero