Medical Spanish

The course is designed specifically for all professionals working in the medical field. Building conversational skills and learning about cultural differences help medical professionals build a good rapport when treating Hispanic patients. This program also reduces communication mistakes helping the professional understand the patient. The course increases competence and efficiency in all medical related professions.

Students develop and enhance skills in the areas of:

  • Asking for symptoms
  • Learning the body parts
  • Giving recommendations and advice
  • Asking for a medical history
  • Giving basic directions and commands for a medical evaluation.  


“Even after providing care to patients that primarily speak Spanish over the past five years, and being married to a person who's first language is Spanish, I was unable to accomplish what I was able to accomplish with your company in just a few short months. I would recommend, without reservation, your company to anyone who has a desire to learn this beautiful language.”
Jerry Pearson