Spanish for Educators

A course designed to break educators´ cultural and language barriers. The course’s main goal is to enhance academic performance by building stronger communications with students and parents. Spanish for Educators provides basic conversational skills by teaching specific and useful vocabulary related to everyday classroom situations.

  Students develop and enhance skills in the areas of:
  • Conducting a parent conference
  • Reporting a discipline issue
  • Making phone calls to parents
  • Giving basic instructions
  • Learning basic administrative and legal terms.

" Corporate Languages has made my experience learning Spanish easy and fun. My instructor understands my language needs and tailors my lessons to what I need most. It makes me want to spend time studying at home so that I can learn faster. I’ve tried to learn to speak Spanish other times, and my experience with Corporate Languages is the best I’ve ever had. I recommend this to anyone trying to learn a language!"
Kate Hofland