What would knowing Spanish do for me?

* Increase your business by knowing how to reach the booming Hispanic market!

* Reduce misunderstandings and improve the quality of your service!

* Improve productivity & reduce costs by reducing language barriers!

Spanish for Business

This course is designed for those in business and finance who are interested in reaching the booming Hispanic market in the US and the Latin American market. They will get the necessary tools to communicate, understand and break through the culture while doing business. Spanish for Business teaches technical and practical business vocabulary and basic conversational skills to help business people deal with relevant business matters.

Students develop and enhance skills in the areas of:

  • Carrying general and specific business conversations
  • Making business calls
  • Role-playing conversations during a business lunch
  • Hiring Spanish speaking personnel
  • Making reservations in a hotel, or in a restaurant
  • Learning banking terminology

“I started taking Spanish at Corporate Languages to improve communications between myself and my employees. As a business owner, the classes have been godsend. I recommend these classes to anyone who is serious about learning Spanish, as the classes are rather difficult yet incredibly rewarding.”
Ray Lawson


“My business demands that I improve my Spanish and this program has helped me immensely in a rather short period of time. I have taken classes from other high quality services in Phoenix over the years, but Corporate Languages has a great combination of skilled teachers, value, and customized programs.”
S. Christopher Gale