“I have studied Spanish before and never seemed to make much progress until I began my classes with Corporate Languages here in Phoenix. I have enjoyed their various teaching methods and also the interesting cultural information from different Spanish speaking countries. My confidence in having an actual conversation in Spanish has grown tremendously!”
Sonya Rose Robertson

“My business demands that I improve my Spanish and this program has helped me immensely in a rather short period of time. I have taken classes from other high quality services in Phoenix over the years, but Corporate Languages has a great combination of skilled teachers, value, and customized programs.”
S. Christopher Gale

“Taking this conversational Spanish course was the best decision that I could ever take. I can’t believe I am now able to speak Spanish and have fun in the process as well! I was finally able to overcome my fears when using the language. This program certainly goes beyond the typical. I sincerely congratulate the staff at Corporate Languages for their passion and dedication to provide such excellence in service.”
Kari Vanderslice

“I am thankful for Corporate Languages´ efforts, grace, leadership, and quality of instructions. They understood exactly the proper tools and approaches in leading me through a first time Spanish course. The instruction began on time with a complete lesson plan which was strictly followed. Since completing the first module, I have traveled to different cities in Mexico. I enjoyed practicing my Spanish, and recognized the importance of Corporate Languages LLC education. I highly recommend their course of study for business or pleasure.”
Vincent J. Harder, C.P.A., P.C.

“My experience, as a Spanish learner, at Corporate Languages was simply amazing! I can’t think of anything as everything I asked for, I got!”
Debbie Williams

“Our first module was considerably MORE than we expected! We were delighted by the opportunity for in-home instructions, the scope and comprehensiveness of the teaching methodologies, and the expertise of our instructor. This was the most enjoyable language learning experience I have ever been through! The inclusion of cultural elements in our course was requested by us, but that portion of the course far exceeded my expectations! This was the first time I have taken a foreign language course from someone from Mexico, which enhanced our learning experience in many wonderful ways! I have learned things in this course, I never would have known otherwise. We have become huge fans or your business and recommend Corporate Languages to anyone we know seeking Spanish/English instructions.
Jane & Don Talley

“After researching a number of different programs and schools we selected Corporate Languages. They were able to tailor their program to the needs of construction with apparent ease, and their method of teaching has been challenging and enjoyable. We are very pleased with the results, and will continue to utilize Corporate Languages as new members join our team.”
Jeffrey A. Dalton

“It is my pleasure to recommend Corporate Languages LLC to any individual or corporation interested in their excellent service. My beautiful instructor, was both intelligent and very supportive as a person. She was very invested in my success in the program. I found the instructors and staff in the office to be very accommodating and flexible in adapting to my schedule, very friendly and positive, interesting and funny. It was an enjoyable experience and I feel I made great progress during the class.”
Rickee Arntz

“It is with great confidence that I recommend Corporate Languages for any business or government organization that needs to teach their employees Spanish and/or English. The class was geared specifically to our needs, and I especially appreciated that Corporate Languages incorporates the latest teaching techniques into their curriculum.”
Mary Rittmann

“Even after providing care to patients that primarily speak Spanish over the past five years, and being married to a person who's first language is Spanish, I was unable to accomplish what I was able to accomplish with your company in just a few short months. I would recommend, without reservation, your company to anyone who has a desire to learn this beautiful language.”
Jerry Pearson

“Corporate Languages put together a curriculum specific to our industry and to the needs of our employees. They were even able to accommodate our early schedule by starting the classes at 6:00 am! Their attention to individual learning and great service makes Corporate Languages an excellent company to offer language instruction to any person or company. Our company has greatly enjoyed working with them and highly recommend their services.”
Karla Rodriguez

“Not only do I look forward to attending each class, I am actually learning to speak Spanish! Corporate Languages understands the need to accommodate individual learning styles.”
Joann Murphy

“I travel frequently and find Corporate Languages to be very helpful in both my personal and business dealings. I have immediately improved my ability to communicate with Spanish speakers.”
Mike Hazel

"I started taking Spanish at Corporate Languages to improve communications between myself and my employees. As a business owner, the classes have been godsend. I recommend these classes to anyone who is serious about learning Spanish, as the classes are rather difficult yet incredibly rewarding."
Ray Lawson

“My Conversational Spanish course produces results painlessly and quickly. I would encourage anyone that is interested in learning Spanish to attend Corporate Languages.”
Laura Turner

"I can remember the comical experiences I had trying to communicate when I first arrived in Mexico. I spoke no Spanish and unless I was with a friend to interpret for me, I was lost. But after just a few months o f instruction at Corporate Languages I was thoroughly enjoying my second language. My teacher even helped me prepare speeches for business. It was a great experience and I would highly recommend the classes. "
Jerry W. Wright

"This class has helped me immensely. I arrived in Mexico only knowing the Spanish off a Taco Bell menu, and after two months in this class I feel comfortable communicating in Spanish at work, with friends, and in day-to-day living. A little instruction has gone a long way toward giving me the confidence I needed to practice."
Steve Zeopf

"I really enjoyed the Spanish class that I took with Corporate Languages. I found that the material we covered was very applicable to real life situations. Afterwards I felt much more confident with my speaking ability because of the one on one format of the class. I liked the focus on conversation, opposed to a class that consists of grammar only. I would strongly recommend this program to anyone who wishes to improve their conversational skills and become a more confident Spanish speaker."
Jennifer E. Plungis

"My husband and I wanted to learn Spanish for our travels and Corporate Languages has been perfect for us! My confidence to speak the language has improved so much and I’m having a great time learning. The custom-fit classes are phenomenal!"
Joanne Halberg

"Although I had taken Spanish in high school, I started taking this course without being able to speak any Spanish except for a few basic phrases. Classes were very informative, practical and entertaining. Due to my teacher's refutal to speak to me in English, I had to learn to hold conversations in Spanish. I definitely feel comfortable now with the knowledge that I can handle any situation that may arise. I would recommend this program without hesitation to any person or institution interested in retaining their services. In fact, I have recommended them many times to people who have heard me speaking Spanish with an American accent and asked me how I was able to speak Spanish after such a short time. It is truly a gift to learn another language and I will always be indebted to Marcela Plasencia for opening up this whole new world to me.”
Ann Pastrana